Meet Our Team


Dr. Ken Davidson

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (B.V.Sc. (hons))












When I first came to the area we were doing dairy, beef and horse practice in this very rural area. Steadily this has changed as the population has grown, and now we are mainly a small animal practice.

The hospital building now accommodates a registered 'A' Class Small Animal Hospital in Moss Vale, with all modern facilities including fully equipped surgery, full patient monitoring including Apalert, Mindray (ecg, tissue oxygen, blood pressure), X-ray facilities, in-house laboratory and a high speed dental setup, making for the practice of high quality Veterinary Science which we strive to achieve.

The practice is fully computerised with work-stations in several areas of the hospital.  When 

The vet hospital has full contact with a variety of specialists. Having said this, you can be re-assured that most veterinary problems we encounter are dealt within our own hospital.

 In 1986 we commenced a cat boarding business, Argyle Boarding Cattery, which runs as a separate business to the hospital. 

We also conduct a busy Clip and Grooming service with our own dedicated room, hydrobath etc.

Kerry Davidson

Practice Manager (Zoologist)











Kerry uses her Zoology degree to compliment practice services, particularly in advising on parasitic control in dogs and cats (skin parasites as well as intestinal parasites). 

As veterinary diets are so specialised, she also takes a major interest in this, liasing with manufacturers and talking to clients about their pet's nutrition.

Her office management position involves stock control/ordering as well as controlling our in-house laboratory service.  When required, Kerry can step in and assist with surgery, anaesthetics, X-rays, etc.

As you can imagine, on busy days, Kerry has to be multi-skilled and use her ability to multi-task.

A lifetime of pet ownership including horses, dogs, cats, fish and birds make it easy for her to relate to all pet owners who are seeking that first contact on the phone.

Alice Pike

Veterinary Nurse (Cert II Animal Studies; Cert IV Veterinary Nursing; Statement of Attainment Medical Terminology)

Alice joined the BDVH team in November 2012, after working for other veterinary practices in the area. She completed her Veterinary Nursing training in 2011, through Yallah TAFE.

Alice enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing, but particularly diagnostics e.g. radiology and labratory tests as well as surgical nursing (the more complex the surgery the better). She enjoys caring for all the animals who pass through our hospital but particulary enjoys the challenges of 'winning over' animals who have had bad experinces in life resulting in trust issues. There is nothing more rewarding than an animal finally trusting you enough, that they give you a gentle lick on the hand, a cuddle or that look of 'OK I know I can trust you and I am safe with you'. 

As a result of being the owner of a ginger cat, 'Charlie', and having grown up with a border collie 'Jack', Alice tends to have a soft spot for any patients who fit this description, but happily looks after any animal who comes into her care. 

When not at work Alice enjoys spending time with her husband Grant, and two little girls Emma and Lexie.

Matilda East

Veterinary Nurse (Cert III Animal Studies)

Matilda joined the BDVH team in January 2019 whilst completing her Cert III Animal Studies. She is currently undergoing her studies in Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, and is due to complete it at the end of 2020.

Matilda enjoys every aspect of vet nursing, however, takes a deeper interest in radiography and intricacies of surgical nursing - specifically orthopedic surgery. When not busy in the hospital, she enjoys cuddles with Wickham, one of our clinic cats. 

She owns three dogs, one bird and two horses and when not at work enjoys riding her horses (Dottie and Twistie) and also playing soccer.

Sarah Jones

Veterinary Nurse (Cert II Animal Studies)

Sarah joined the BDVH team in February 2019. She completed her Cert II Animal Studies course in 2019 and will commence Cert IV Veterinary Nursing course 2021. 

Sarah enjoys many aspects vet nursing has to offer, however takes a great interest in surgical procedures and would like to one day further her studies in surgical nursing, to incorporate wildlife and native animals.

Whilst always having an interest in animals, Sarahoriginally wanted to complete an equine dentistry course. She found work here with Ken to grasp and learn more about animal health and anatomy. Sarah soon realised she had found her dream job and will be continuing vet nursing into the future.

After work, Sarah enjoys riding and spending time with her families three horses (Red, Sam & Todd). When not out at the stables, Sarah is playing with their three dogs (Bonnie, Koby & Lulu)

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