Soft Tissue

Our veterinarians’ high level of expertise and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite allows us to perform the vast majority of soft tissue surgical procedures that your pet may require. Soft tissue surgery encompasses any surgery that is not related to bones. It includes procedures such as desexing, exploratory laporotomies, caesareans, lump removals, biopsies, wound stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies - the list is endless!
A very common soft tissue surgery is the removal of lumps. Some lumps may require a biopsy prior to removal to help understand whether they are cancerous or not. This information assists us in planning the surgery accordingly to give your pet the best possible outcome. Once they have been removed we recommend sending them to our external laboratory for analysis.

Although most lumps are benign (not harmful), a minority are more serious (malignant). In the case of malignant (cancerous) tumours, early removal and an accurate diagnosis is extremely important to maximise the chances of a good outcome.

If you find a lump or bump on your pet please make an appointment to visit one of our veterinarians to discuss any surgery your pet may require. 

Dr. Ken Davidson has performed hundreds of surgeries at Berrima District and Bundanoon Veterinary Hospitals. Below are a few surgeries, accompanied by a brief description:


This is an uncommonly large Anal Adenoma. 

Note smaller adenoma ventral to the anus.

Both were successfully removed.

Pictured on the left is a pus-filled uterus of a Corgi cross, known as a Pyometra.  A full hysterectomy removed the offending organ and she made a complete recovery.

Note: The problem would not have occcurred if the bitch had been speyed as a youngster. Repeated heats (twice yearly) is often the precursor to this problem.


Early speying of bitches also helps to prevent the occurrence of Mammary Tumors.


Oral tumors or Gum tumors are quite common in dogs and cats.  The one pictured left is a small tumor, quite readily removed with an electrosurgical unit which slices the tumor off, sealing small blood vessels at the same time.

Occasionally a tooth or teeth need to be removed if the tumor involves the tooth socket.