The vets and nurses at Hamilton Street Veterinary Clinic in Gisborne are empathetic, friendly, open and professional. 
By having a small family of staff, we ensure you always see a friendly face you know, and you can be at ease knowing your pet is in capable, loving hands.

Our Veterinary Clinic is located on the corner of Hamilton Street and Neal Street in Gisborne, Victoria.
We provide Quality Veterinary Service and Treatment for all breeds of small animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other family pets, in the Gisborne area, New Gisborne, Gisborne South, Bullengarook, Macedon Ranges and beyond.

Dr Rob, Dr Caitlin, Dr Natalia, Dr Chloe, Dr Leah and the nursing team welcome you!

COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Restrictions Update: July 2020:  Unless otherwise advised, We are OPEN – here are some guidelines to help both humans and animals stay safe and healthy. 
If you live in a COVID-lockdown area, our staff can advise on how to get your pet treated.
Please check our FB page for updates.
Due to "social distancing requirements":   PLEASE wear a mask if recommended.
WE ARE TENDING TO OUR ANIMAL PATIENTS in the clinic, while you wait outside or in the car - for your safety and ours.

If your pet needs veterinary attention please contact us first by phone, to arrange to bring your pet to the clinic and have him/her examined or treated while you wait in your car or outside.
In line with government requirements of social distancing, no clients are to enter the clinic - as such we can maintain minimal "human contact".  
We have our working team practicing appropriate hygeine and social distancing, in order to reduce the human-human contact in the greater community, while still having Veterinary Staff available to treat your pets.

We ask you to:

  • Be patient.   We are doing our utmost to provide the best essential veterinary care.
  • When arriving for your appointment, please phone from your car, to let us know you're here - we will advise you how then to proceed. 
  • Only have one healthy adult (not currently under a self-isolation order) accompany your pet.
  • Please help us keep the elderly and immunocompromised people in our community safe.

Within the clinic, we are abiding by strict hygiene practices, handwashing, use of hand sanitisers, minimising contact, etc.

Please PHONE AHEAD to order required prescription medicine repeats or food, worming and flea control in advance so we can arrange to have them ready for you. 
We will organise credit card payment by phone in advance.  PLEASE NO CASH if possible.

MEDICATIONS and Pet Foods:  in line with fair and appropriate National guidelines, we can supply your pets NORMAL medications.  Please be considerate - do not "stockpile". 
We CANNOT refund any food or medications inappropriately purchased during this period.   
We can arrange a pickup point/ prepayment, such that you do not have to come into the clinic.

We are working hard to ensure we can continue to provide complete veterinary care.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. This situation is rapidly evolving, and we will provide updates as required.

Our Commitment to you and your pet -

We shall maintain our clinic to a high standard.  We shall aim to keep up to date with the latest treatments and continue to update our knowledge and equipment so that your pet will be provided with the best available veterinary care.

We will always be friendly and receptive to your pets and your needs.  We will be an advocate for your pets wellbeing.  Our staff will always look after your pet to the highest standard.

We concentrate all our treatment on "small animals" so that we can do the best available veterinary treatment for your special animal friend.  We will provide you with cost estimates for treatments, and can always discuss options which best fit your family situation.