There are many benefits of early pregnancy diagnosis in cattle. At Guyra District Veterinary Services we provide both pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound and by manual rectal palpation. 

Early detection of non pregnant animals enables producers to rapidly detect fertility issues within the herd and reduce production losses. Removal of non pregnant animals also allows improved selection for good fertility genetics.

Depending on your requirements, our accredited PREGCHECK Cattle Veterinarians can provide you with accurate foetal ageing to aid in calving date estimates. PREGCHECK accredited Veterinarians can also apply tail tags to easily identify pregnancy testing results. The most common tags are green (not detectably pregnant), blue (under 4 months) and red (over four months). 

Pregnancy can reliably be detected as early as 6 weeks. It is recommended to wait at least 8 weeks after mating for pregnancy testing and for foetal aging, performing this within the first 4 months of pregnancy makes aging particularly accurate.