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We have compiled a list of questions we frequently get from prospective and current clients.  If you don't find the answer to your enquiry here, please do get in touch - we are happy to help.

— Do you have parking available?
We have ample parking on site.

— Do you have disabled access?
Yes, our building is accessible for people with mobility issues. Please let a team member know if you require any assistance during your visit to the clinic.

— Does my animal have to be on a lead/in a carrier to visit the clinic?
Yes! For the safety of our clients and patients, it is a requirement that all dogs are on leads/in carriers. Cats and smaller pets must be securely contained in an appropriate carrier.  These are available to hire for a refundable deposit if you do not have one.

— What payment methods do you take?
We welcome payments by Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS or cash.  We also accept VetPay, an independent Veterinary Treatment Finance service helping clients afford care for their pets.

— What about pet insurance? Can I make a direct claim or will I need to pay up front?
It is clinic policy that we receive payment in full at the time of treatment.  We are happy to assist our clients wherever possible with the completion and processing of pet insurance paperwork.

— Can I see the vet of my choice?
We understand you may have built an ongoing rapport and relationship with a member of our team. Just let us know at the time of booking if you have a preferred veterinarian and we will always endeavour to accommodate this request to ensure continuity of care.

— What if I have an emergency out-of-hours?
While we are open seven days a week, there may be times when you need assistance out of hours.  If you have a pet emergency, here are some local options:

Essendon Animal Referral Hospital - (03)93790700 
Lort Smith - (03)93283021
Advanced Vet Care  - (03)90920400
Bundoora Vet - (03)94672255

— Do I need to make an appointment to see someone?
To help keep us running on time, we request that you book an appointment to be seen by one of our vets.  

— Do you offer overnight boarding for animals?

Under certain circumstances we can board patients overnight before surgery the following day. We don’t offer a boarding service but we can recommend local kennels and catteries.

— Do you treat small animals and exotic pets?
While we have some experience in unusual pets, birds and species considered ‘exotic’ require expert knowledge. We encourage you to contact our clinic in the first instance. If we can’t help you, we might be able to offer some alternative options.

— My pet is anxious. What can be done to make the experience more positive?
If your pet is anxious visiting the vet, we encourage you to let us know when booking your appointment.  We can offer tips and advice to help, including options such as having a veterinarian come out to the car park to do an initial assessment of your animal in the car. We also encourage dogs to visit the clinic between booked appointments so staff can offer a cuddle and a treat.  Positive association can go a long way!

— Will my pet have to stay overnight after an operation?
Wherever possible, your pet will return home the day of its procedure. On occasion, there may be reason to hospitalise your pet overnight, especially if ongoing treatment is required.  Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have. 


— Do you offer a repeat prescription service?
Yes, repeat prescriptions can be ordered online and your medication is available 24 hours later. In most cases, pets must have visited us in the preceding 6 months to review their health status and medication before repeat treatments can be dispensed. An exception to this is for flea and worm treatment, which we are happy to dispense for up to 12 months after seeing your pet. For some medications, our vets may want to review your pet more frequently than every 6 months; you will be advised if this is the case. There are some medications that we must, by law, have a consultation with your pet to dispense.

— Do you treat wildlife or stray animals?
We work closely with local rescue groups and the council to treat stray patients. Although we can provide first aid treatment to wildlife, they require expert handling and are therefore often referred to specialist rescue groups. Please contact the clinic if you have any concerns about local wildlife and strays.

— Do you offer home visits for euthanasia and can you advise about cremation services?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a home visit service, however there are a number of mobile vets operating in Melbourne.  If it is time to say goodbye to your pet, we can arrange for burial or cremation, with our team able to explain your options with sensitivity and compassion.

— How do I offer feedback?
Did we offer a great service? Did a team member go above and beyond for your pet? Please let us know – we love to hear when we’re making our clients happy.
We pride ourselves in upholding exceptional service and care for you and your pet, so we also take complaints very seriously. If you feel we’ve let you down, we always welcome the opportunity to put it right - please contact us in the first instance so we can address your concerns. Our business manager, Cate, can be reached at cate.davis@vetpartners.net.au.

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