Surgery Admission Procedure


An appointment time will be made for you to bring in your pet on the day of his/her surgery/procedure.

Drop off times to choose from are 8.10am, 8.20am, and 8.30am and 8.40am.

It is important to arrive at your scheduled appointment time so other clients are not left waiting.  The appointment times are staggered every 10 minutes to allow the Veterinary Nursing staff to go through the admission procedure with you.

If you are in our computer system, a text reminder will be sent to you the day before to remind you of your procedure day and appointment time.


A qualified and experienced Veterinary Nurse will discuss any procedures with you, and answer any of your questions or concerns.  the admission procedure will involve the following.

- Contact phone numbers.  Current home phone numbers and any additional contact numbers are required.  Sometimes we may need to contact you during the day to get authorisation for additional procedures, additional history of your pet, or in case of an emergency.

- Weighing your pet. (even if weighed recently)  This enables the Veterinarians to give the correct dose of premedications, anaesthetics and other medications.

- Fasting status. Ensuring the animal has fasted/not eaten since 8.00pm the night before the procedure.  Animals need to be fasted to reduce the risk of aspiration during sedation/anaesthesia.

- Medication status. The Veterinary Nurse will check what medications your pet is currently on, and when they were last taken.

- Vaccination status. Is your pet up to date with vaccination?  If being admitted into hospital, this is an important question for the prevention and spread of diseases.

- Procedure. The Veterinary Nurse will confirm with you what the procedure/surgery to be performed is, and ensure you understand what is involved.

- Intravenous Fluids.  Intravenous fluids are beneficial regardless of the age of the animal, and are highly recommended (please find additional section on Intravenous Fluids)

- Estimation of costs.  The Duncraig Veterinary Hospital does not give quotes, only an estimation of costs, as some variations can occur i.e. medications, extractions of teeth etc.

- Signing the consent form and formal agreement.  To be able to perform any procedure, a consent form needs to be signed by a person over 18 years of age.  This is a legal document.  You are signing that you agree to the procedure, understand what is involved, and agree to the cost.


It is recommeded to not leave toys, blankets, leads etc with your pet as they have a tendency to get lost, chewed or become wet.  the Duncraig Veterinary Hospital supplies all bedding (towles and blankets) as well as heating pads and hot water bottles on those chilly days.


All animals are housed in a clean, secure cage during their stay with us.

Last updated 24.12.2019