Our veterinarians’ high level of expertise and our practice’s fully equipped surgical suite allows us to perform a vast majority of soft tissue surgical procedures that your pet may require. Soft tissue surgery relates to any surgery that is not related to bones.

Some procedures that we perform within our clinic include:

- Desexing -> see our desexing tab for more information
- Exploratory laporotomies and removal of intestinal foreign bodies 
- Caesareans 
- Lump removals and biopsy
- Wound stitch-ups
- Entropian surgery and cherry eye removal 
- E
ar heamatoma
- Orthopeadics (broken bones) -> see our orthopeadics tab from more information
Prior to surgery your pet will have a consult with the vet/nurse to discuss important information in regard to the procedure they are having. These can include bloods before surgery to check your pet doesnt have any underlining issues and fluids to help blood pressure during surgery. 
For any questions regarding surgery we perform please contact the clinic. Please note we are unable to give accurate costing for non-routine surgery without a consultation with a vet.