Puppy Pre-school

Don Crosby Veterinary Surgeons works in conjunction with Learners on Lead. Dog trainer Karen Johnston is the founder and operator of the organisation Learners on Lead, which has both private and group classes.  Karen runs the puppy preschool and uses the waiting room at the Dubbo clinic. Learners on Lead also have many other classes and groups that you can attend, from Beyond Basics to Agility for all your dog training needs.

Why go to puppy class?

Dogs, like children, have development stages as they grow. Between 5 and 16 weeks in a puppy is known as the Critical Socialisation Period, and this is the optimal time to introduce and socialise your puppy in a positive way to all the things you want your puppy to be comfortable and confident with as an adult dog.

Your puppy will learn

  • Not to jump up on people

  • Not to bite people

  • To be gentle with his/her mouth

  • To respond to their name even under mild distractions

  • To sit on command and to sit when it wants something

  • To come when called

You will learn

  • How your puppy learns
  • How to teach your puppy good manners

  • How to toilet train if they are an inside dog

  • How to play some fun and safe games

  • About nutrition

  • How to safely socialise your puppy

Your puppy will learn

  • Get to meet new people

  • Get to meet other puppies

  • Have fun with you, establishing a connection

  • Play with toys

  • Have a fun and positive experience at the vets

Puppy Preschool starts on the 1st Tuesday of each month and is held in the waiting room of Don Crosby’s Vet Hospital. Puppy classes start at 6:00pm and run for four consecutive weeks with each lesson running for approximately 1 hour. The cost is $65.00 for the course and is payable on the first night in cash or cheque. To book you and your puppy in, phone Karen on 68824606 or 0428822826.

For more information on Learners on Lead