Cattle & Sheep Services

We have 3 fully equipped vehicles to allow us to offer on property farm visits whenever and wherever you need us. Our Narromine clinic also offers onsite facilities including cattle crush, yards and sheep pens.

 Cattle services:

- Pregnancy testing for any size mob (PregCHECK Accredited for sale tags)

- Poor calving and herd fertility investigations

- Calvings and emergency caesarians

- Field surgery including abdomen surgery and cancer eye removal  

- Bull Breeding and Semen Evaluations

- Bull Insurance examinations

- Cow and Bull hoof trimming

- Johnes management including JBAS and DA scheme testing and biosecurity planning

- Australian Government Accrediated Live Export testing

- Intensive sick calf care including intravenous fluid therapy in the field

- Herd health investigations

- Herd nutritional support

Sheep services

- Lambing complications

- Brucellosis testing by a MAP accredited vet

-Johnes testing by a MAP accredited vet

-Flock health investigations

-Flock nutritional advice