Currumbin Fair Veterinary Surgery
Happy healthy pets, let our veterinarians look after your pets.

Along with regular exercise and veterinary care, careful nutrition is the best way you can contribute to your pet's prolonged good health.

We recommend a raw meat, fresh fruit and vegetable diet also known as B.A.R.F diet. No need to add high Carbohydrate, high sugar dry food "kibble" to your pets diet all you need is a species appropriate raw/fresh diet. For further information on why we recommend this, check out the Fresh Food Feeding for Dogs facebook group and read their Start Here guide.

OR.. Give us a call and speak to our highly knowledgeable Nurses in regards to the best diet to feed your pet otherwise check out the below groups for further information.    

To get you started you can buy these diets frozen and already prepared for you. 

Big Dog - 

Local Stockist

Precious Pets Dog Grooming -

Canine Country 

Local Stockist

Pets Wonderland -

Currumbin Creek Stockfeeds -

Proudi -

Local Stockist - Precious Pets Dog Grooming -

There is plenty more options availble, these are only a select few. Just make sure they are stored frozen that way there are no preservatives added.