Our purpose built radiology room  is equipped with a modern high powered x-ray machine and full digital image processing.

This allows us to produce high quality diagnostic x-rays in minutes to assist in rapid and accurate diagnosis.

  • We can perform x-ray studies of hips and elbows for breeding soundness reports
  • If your pet is having pain in their joints or back, x-rays are are great tool to help with a diagnosis
  • We can x-ray your pets chest if they are having difficulty breathing or coughing to start to rule out lung problems or heart disease
  • X-rays can be referred to specialist radiologist if necessary
  • Copies of xrays can be emailed to specialist surgeons for discussion during surgical planning


We have recently puchased a new diagnostic ultrasound machine.

Ultrasound allows for rapid non-invasive investigations and is especially useful for looking at abdominal and chest problems.

It enhances our ability to provide a comprehensive and rapid diagnosis, so we can resolve your pets health problems as quickly as possible.