Herd Health Services

Brucellosis Program

Dr Rebekah Densley is accredited to be able to test flocks for the Brucellosis Free program. For more information on the program and getting your flock accredited or to book in your flock testing please contact the clinic.

Johnes Disease Market Assurance Program (JD MAP)

Dr Rebekah Densley is MAP-accredited and able to provide all testing and auditing services for the Johnes Disease program. Please contact the clinic for more information or to book in your Johnes program audits.

Other herd health investigations

Our veterinarians are able to provide advice, investigations and testing for other herd disease issues. These may include investigating abortion problems, weaner or lamb deaths, sudden death of stock, worm or drenching issues and footrot or lameness trouble amongst other problems. Our veterinarians can perform examinations of stock, worm egg counts on faecal samples, post mortem examinations and refer samples for laboratory testing if necessary. Government departments (such as PIRSA or DPI) are often able to provide funding assistance for herd disease investigations. Please contact the clinic if you would like more information.