Meet Our Team

All our staff here at Border Vets are avid animal lovers, each combining their unique attributes to make up a professional and caring team. 


Mac Kneipp

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons) MVS(Small Animal Medicine) MANZCVS (Pharmacology))

Mac has been a full-time practicing mixed animal vet for 30 years. He has a particular interest in equine medicine and surgery, feedlot cattle medicine, ophthalmology and veterinary pharmacology, but he hasn’t specialized and is just as happy to see a guinea pig, dog or camel. Mac is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Vet Scientists in the Veterinary Pharmacology Chapter. He has recently completed a Masters of Vet Science in Small Animal Medicine through Murdoch University.

This love of animals came from growing up on mixed sheep and cattle property near Bonshaw, northern NSW. Mac’s veterinary studies led him to do a gap year on a piggery and dairy in Germany; he can speak German to this day! He completed his Bachelor of Veterinary Science at UQ in 1985 with first class honours, as well as co-authoring a published paper with Professor Trevor Heath on lymphatics that year.

After graduation Mac worked for 5 years as a mixed animal veterinarian – 18 months with John Brown BVSc at Tenterfield followed by locum work. This took him around Australia, to the UK and to Ethiopia during an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. In 1990 he opened Border Veterinary Surgery in its current location in Goondiwindi. Mac and Cathy (married 1992 in Brisbane) have been updating and renovating the clinic ever since.

Currently Mac is undertaking a Phd researching pink eye in cattle, running treatment trials with many of our local graziers.

In his spare time Mac enjoys reading, learning and all things to do with animals. He has raised many orphan animals, is a keen bird watcher, and likes horse riding including harness horse, motorbiking, playing tennis and living in the country with Cathy and raising 3 children.

Cathy Kneipp

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc (Hons))

Cathy graduated for UQ in 1985 with BVSc honours & won the surgery prize.

Cathy’s first veterinary placement was in Coolangatta, she then spent several years doing locums in Britain and Australia. Cathy travelled through Europe, America and Africa where amongst other things she assisted in a program on African Wild dogs. She returned to work in Sunnybank before marrying Mac in 1992 and moving to Goondiwindi. She became the mainstay of the Border Vet Surgery small animal clinic, with a particular interest in surgery and imaging- radiography and ultrasonography. Whilst raising 3 children, Cathy has continued working as a veterinarian, a job she loves. She is another devoted life-long learner and has just completed a yearlong ultrasound course. Cath is currently undertaking a Phd researching swine brucellosis in hunting dogs.

Dr Emily Thompson

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons Class I))

Emily joined us from Narrabri veterinary clinic in February 2019. She originally hails from Buderim on the sunny coast and completed her studies at UQ in 2014 attaining first class honours! Emily is an accomplished and caring vet and excels in all aspects of veterinary care from surgery, and medicine through to large animal work including equine dentistry. She completed a specialised course in equine dentistry in 2016 and is very gentle with great attention to detail. Settling well into rural lifestyle Em has a border collie of her own named Molly and a stockhorse named Dusty. Em is a wonderful addition to our veterinary team and we are so excited to have her onboard!

Katie Benson

Veterinarian (Bachelor of Veterinary Science)

Mikaela Rowe

Veterinarian (Bachelor in Veterinary Science )

Leigh Glasser

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Leigh has been with the practice for over 25 years. She was awarded 2014 Provet Equine Nurse of the Year. She is the proud owner of Sterlo and Turtle, the most handsome dachshunds in the world, Chino the cappuccino cat and horses Franko and Padro. Leigh's main interests are horses, cattle breeding and the challenge of small animal medical cases.

Heidi Radford

Veterinary Nurse (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing)

A local girl, Heidi grew up on a farm near Yetman allowing her to gain valuable life experience witha variety of animals. Heidi has completed her Cert IV in vet nursing and is studying her Bachelor of Environmental Science at UNE. She has 2 dogs a beautiful staghound called Hazel and a rescued greyhound Paris. When she is not at work all her time is spent with her dogs and her horses, Wilma, Schnapps and Magic. Heidi has a strong interest in the more unusual pets such as our resident python Sybil, as well as native wildlife and large animals. 


Dannielle Irwin

Receptionist (Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing)

Dannielle is our fantastic receptionist. She has also completed her cert IV in vet nursing and is able to use her skills both in her nursing and reception duties. Dan enjoys all aspects of her job with a special interest in horse and cattle work. She has had had experience in feedlot management, a useful attribute for working in our mixed practice. She is happy to help all of our clients with questions and appointments and has a great sense of humor adding to the fun in the workplace! Dan has a large menagerie of animals she cares for at home including dogs, cats, poultry, goats, horses and 2 children! 

Laura Boyd

Receptionist (Cert IV Veterinary Nursing)

Laura grew up in Moree, and has been with Border Vets for 6 years, gaining her Vet Nurse qualification through NSW Tafe. She particularly loves little fluffy dogs, and has two of her own - Stanley and Olaf, as well as Neo the cat. Olaf has a condition called phocomelia, where one of his legs didn't form properly in utero, giving him a 'wing' instead! When Laura's two beautiful girls met Olaf, it was love at first sight and they've been inseparable since.

Samantha Faulkner

Trainee Veterinary Nurse (Cert II in Animal Studies)

Sammy has been a member of our team since her school years when she started a school based traineeship in animal studies. She is currently undertaking her Cert IV in vet nursing through NSW Tafe. Sam is a local Goondiwindi girl, she has a beautiful big dog called Bunji, and enjoys working with our larger breeds in the clinic, particularly our hunting dogs! She also helps out on reception and you will find her in the clinic most Saturday mornings. Sam is an enthusiastic member of the team and is quickly picking up on new skills here in the clinic.

Leo the wonder cat

Client Relations (Bachelor of lounging (hons class I))

Leo is our resident feline, he is well known to many of our clients often keeping them on their toes and entertained. He is one of the longest running staff members being here 11 years in 2019. Leo enjoys lounging in the reception and overseeing activities in consult room one. He has a talent for swiping children when they least expect it and is often found greeting anyone and everyone throughout the clinic. 

Sybil Darling

Client Relations (Cert IV in changing perceptions )

Sybil is our resident Murray Darling carpet python. She is just over 2 metres long and is particularly stunning with her intricate grey, brown and white patterns. Sybil is a lovely girl who adds a unique aspect to our clinic, like we say, we love all animals. She invokes plenty of fear and admiration amongst our clients, garnering many different reactions to those she meets. She can be seen enjoying her favourite dinner, a large rat every few weeks. In between meals she enjoys plenty of time sleeping and exploring around the clinic with Heidi and those who are game to handle her! Sybil is working hard on changing the perception that snakes are scary and evil.

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