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Targeted surveillance and follow up of Brucella suis seropositive dogs

Has your dog every been pig hunting or fed raw feral pig meat? If yes, we would like to invite you and your dog to take part in a research study on swine brucellosis. This disease is caused by a bug ...
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How to train your dog to enjoy having their nails done!

Is your pet nervous about nail trims or foot handling? This is extremely common and can be a source of stress to both them and you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that trimming in the past has hurt...
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Separation Anxiety: Do you have a 'Velcro' dog? We can help

Separation anxiety can be very distressing for the dog and owner both, particularly if it manifests as destructive behaviour or house soiling. There are ways we can help. This handout provides a brief...
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Storm Phobia Part 2: Further Strategies

Phobia is a maladaptive response that is out of proportion to the threat, and may be harmful to the animal. Storm phobia is particularly dangerous as dogs may hurt themselves or escape from home, expo...
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Gastric Dilation and Volvulus, or "Bloat", A Fatal Condition

A disease of deep-chested dogs, ‘GDV’ is a medical and surgical emergency, and fatal if untreated. The common history is that a dog with a deep chest eats their dinner very quickly, or get...
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The Pet Effect

Pimelea poisoning March 2017

Pimelea poisoning March 2017 Vets at the Border Vet Surgery Goondiwindi are warning local cattle produces about a spike in the number of deadly Pimelea poisoning cases in cattle in areas west of Goon...
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Does your pet 'freak out' during or before storms?

Storm phobia can manifest in many ways. Your pet may try to escape, become quite vocal or destructive, they might toilet in inappropriate areas, or just pace around or hide. You might notice these beh...
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