North 2 South Vet Care

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The Home Visit


A normal consultation is allocated a 30 minute timeslot. Please let us know when booking if you require a longer appointment (additional fees will apply)


Dr Naomi will complete a full physical examination of your pet and discuss with you any issues or concerns you may have regarding your pets' health.  Any general healthcare services provided in an exam room can be done at your home with your pets' cooperation. 


To ensure you and your pet get the most from the visit;


  • Please have your pet ready for the vet at your scheduled time and check that any escape routes ( ie under the bed) are inaccessible for the duration of the consult. Dr Naomi likes to run on time wherever possible so that her next patients aren't kept waiting.


  • Make sure you have all your pets' previous clinic notes and vaccination details handy so that the vet can read through all relevant information. This includes details of previous or current medications.


  • Download the New Client Form Images/n2s-clientform-2016.pdf and save and return via email to or print out for your appointment. 


     Payment is due at the time of consultation. Cash or EFTPOS is accepted. No cheques or accounts.