Meet Our Team


Dr. Danny Jedwab

Practice Owner

Danny graduated from Murdoch University in 1983.  He worked as a locum Veterinarian for a year before working in a clinic in this local area.  He became the practice manager and eventually purchased the practice, then moving it to the current custom-built site of Hampton Veterinary Hospital in 1990.  He wanted to have a Veterinary clinic which was run his way, providing excellent service and care to his clients.

Since graduation, he has continued education in advanced orthopaedics and continues to practice and innovate.

In his spare time his main aim is to try and train his German Short Hair Pointer 'Indy' to stay off the furniture.  He also has a German Shepherd called 'Raider' and two British Shorthair cats who are mother and son called 'Piper' and 'Shaq'.  Danny also has a keen interest in remote controlled aeroplanes!

Dr. Tanya Crowley


Tania has been a Veterinarian at Hampton Veterinary Hospital since 1996; having started as a new graduate from Melbourne University.  She gets a profound sense of satisfaction being a vet and helping animals as she knows they are absolutely precious to their owners.  

She loves the familiarity of the clinic and the clients, seeing the full life cycle of many familiar patients and being part of the journey.

Tania works at the clinic part-time and in her spare time she loves cooking (her speciality being lasagne), reading and driving her two teenage children Adam and Hannah around to sporting engagements.  She also has 2 four legged family members, Staffys by the name of Boris and Zara.

Dr. Chris Giumarra


Chris has been at Hampton Veterinary Hospital since 2008.  He was born and raised in Melbourne, graduating from Melbourne University in 2004.  From university, he went to work in a mixed practice in Central Australia, before returning to the South East of Melbourne and working in a small animal practice for a year.  

He has a German Short Haired Pointer named 'Calla' and a DSH cat called 'Tiger'.

He enjoys playing tennis, watching the football (go Melbourne!) and chasing after his two young boys.

Kerry Moore

Veterinary Nurse

Holly Speer

Veterinary Nurse

Holly began at Hampton Veterinary Hospital back in 2008, previously designing professional wedding invitations.  She best enjoys orthopaedic surgery.  She loves the one-on-one time she gets with animals and at Hampton Veterinary Hospital she gets to be more involved in the diagnostic process and nursing than other clinics.

Holly loves cats and is well known at the clinic to be the 'Cat Whisperer'.  At home she has a cat called Chloe who has Heterochromia Iridum; one blue eye and one green eye!  She also has a Brittany Spaniel x Irish Setter called Britney.  

In her spare time she loves art, snowboarding, 4 wheel driving and camping!

Jacqui Panozzo

Veterinary Nurse

Marg Cockburn

Veterinary Nurse

Marg has been a Veterinary Nurse at Hampton Veterinary Hospital since 2004.  Prior to becoming a Veterinary Nurse she was a Teacher and Principal for 30 years!  She uses her teaching skills at the clinic running the amazing Puppy School.

Marg is also a breeder of Weinmeraner dogs.  She also participates in showing, tracking, track and search, retrieving, obedience, rally obedience and endurance.  She is also the Vice President and rescue coordinator for the Weinmeraner Club of Victoria.  She also an obedience instructor at a local obedience club.

Marg has one Weinmeraner called 'Evie'

Sandra Pluzaric

Veterinary Nurse

Sandra is a Veterinarian from Croatia who wanted to come to Australia and have some new experiences, learn English and see how Veterinary clinics operate here.  She was fortunate to be sponsored by Hampton Veterinary Hospital as a Veterinary Nurse in 2013 and has fallen in love with Australia!

She has a German Short Hair Pointer called 'Jelenko' which means 'Little Deer' and 'Henry' the rabbit.

Brodie McGrath

Trainee Nurse

Brodie is a trainee nurse currently undertaking her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill TAFE.  She has been at Hampton Veterinary Hospital since 2015 and is learning from the best!  

Brodie has always been passionate about animals and currently owns fish; 2 Siamese Fighter fish and 2 Guppies.

Maddy Zuccala

Trainee Nurse

Maddy volunteers at Hampton Veterinary Hospital twice a week as part of her studies.  She is currently completing an undergrad in Animal and Veterinary Bioscience at Latrobe University as well as her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.  Her hope is to get into Veterinary Science but in the interim would like to qualify as a Veterinary Nurse. 

Maddy has a love for all animals and enjoys being hands-on with animals and the variation of the patients and their reasons for visiting the clinic.  She loves watching surgery; finding it quite compelling.  Her most memorable is a knee reconstruction performed by Dr Danny Jedwab at the clinic.  

At home she has a Ragdoll x cat called Uno.  She has no spare time between studying, volunteering at the clinic and her part-time job!

Alex Begg

Alex first came to the clinic as a high school student in 2013 to do her Duke of Edinborough.  At the clinic she stayed for her bronze and silver and then remained until the end of Year 12 volunteering as she found it so much fun!

She became an official staff member in March 2016 as a trainee Vet Nurse.  As well as working part-time at the clinic, she is studing Science at Melbourne University and considering Veterinary Science after that.  

Her greatest joy at the clinic is watching the journey to wellness in the patients that come to the clinic!

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