Duncraig Veterinary Hospital

Work Experience

We love having work experience students! 

We take students via the following means

- Years 10 to year 12 through school programs

- Veterinary Nursing Students (Polytechnic West)

- University students (Veterinary, Animal Science, Biology etc)

All students need to be covered by insurance, and this needs to be sighted by the Veterinary Hospital before starting on your first day.

Our current status for students are as follows

- Years 10 - 12 students - please continue to apply for week placements

- Veterinary Nursing Students (currently taking Polytechnic West students only) - We currently have 1 Veterinary Nursing student on Tuesdays and 1 on Fridays.  There will be another intake for the July 2017 placements.

- University students - As of January 18th, we are now full for University students for the year 2017.

If you have any queries regarding work experience, please contact

Sherry Maxwell

Work Experience Cordinator (Monday - Wednesday)


9447 4807

last updated 23.1.2017