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Puppy Socialisation Classes

Enrolling your puppy in socialisation classes is a wonderful way to begin your relationship together. You will learn how to deal with difficult behavioural issues, start preventative health care at home and how to use positive motivation with reward based training methods, designed to be used in everyday situations with your puppy.

Your puppy will learn valuable socialisation skills and begin basic training, both vital for healthy behavioural development in puppies.

Hour long classes are held in our hospital waiting room, over a five week block. The cost is $110.00

Each week new topics and training requests are covered. The previous weeks are revised, with any questions answered.

To be eligible to attend, your puppy must have had it's first vaccination, and be no older than 16weeks at the start of class.

Please contact reception for the next start date and to enroll your puppy.

 Class Content covers a variety of topics  with a strong focus on training, socialisation, behaviour issues and preventative healthcare, all vital for the healthy growth and development of your puppy.


Training your puppy to understand requests and to consistanly follow them can be difficult.We will discuss how to make it easier by introducing a training program into your home, the ideal environment to train in, use of rewards during training and demostrate how to teach your puppy to understand the six basic requests used everyday- look, sit, come, stay, away and down.

Each class will have a hands on group session, for you and your puppy.


Socialisation is one of the most valuable opportunites you can provide for your puppy, and the crucial time to start is between 6-16weeks of age

By attending puppy socialisation classes, your puppy will be exposed to new experiences in a safe and controlled manner. They will meet and be handled by many different people, experience a new environment, activites and best of all meet other puppies of a similar age under controlled play.

A well soicalised puppy is less likely to have long term behavioural issues such as anxiety, fear aggression and destructive behaviour.


Behavioural issues; most owners are faced with more than one behavioural issue at some stage during their puppy's development.

We will demonstrate techniques and discuss ways for your to positively manage these issues at home.

Your puppy's progress will be monitored over the four week period and any questions or concerned will be addressed.


Preventative health care; as a Veterinary Hospital we strive to educate owners on the different types of preventative health care programs available for their puppy. Most of these programs can be carried out in the comfort of your own home, reducing visits to the vet and hospital stays.

Prevention is often better than cure and now is the ideal time to start your puppy's health care prevention program. Dental disease, parasite control, diet, exercise and vaccine regimes are discussed.

We will also demonstrate how to desensitise your puppy for handling with a calming massage, making bathing, ear maintenance, nail clipping an easy and fun experience for your puppy and you.


All puppy owners have concerns and questions about their puppy's progress. Generally most owners in class are experiencing the same issues with their puppy. We welcome questions during class and have open discussions as a group. If in-between classes you have concerns we are happy for you to contact us.



This is an exciting time, but it can be a little daunting for you and your puppy.

Enrolling into socialisation classes is a great start to life for your puppy, giving them the best opportunity to be a well socialised, healthy and happy member of your family