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Dental Radiography

Elevates the Standard of Dental Care

A visual examination of your pets' teeth reveals only the:

- Crowns of the teeth

- Gum tissue

- Tongue

- Soft tissue lining of the oral cavity


Dental Radiographs are vital in revealing the:

- Internal anatomy of the tooth

- Roots of the tooth

- Bone that surrounds the roots of the tooth

- Other structures located beneath the soft tissue lining of the
  oral cavity


Benefits of Dental Radiographs:

- They identify hidden and unexpected problems that are not detectable by the human eye thus revealing the full extent of dental disease

- They allow for a complete assessment and hence more appropriate treatment of visually obvious problems

- They provide a baseline for future comparison so a Vet can monitor a patients dental health changes from year to year which is essential for appropriate treatment planning

- They help owners understand the extent of their pets dental disease