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Tick Control

The main tick of concern for pet owners is the Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus) as it can cause paralysis and death within a week of attachment.  This tick is not present in South Australia.

You may occasionally see other ticks in our state, including the small 'Bush Tick' or 'Brown Cattle Tick', especially in areas of bushland.  However, while these ticks may cause mild irritation in the area where they attach, they do not produce any serious reactions like that seen with the Paralysis Tick.

Your pet will be at risk of picking up paralysis ticks if travelling with you to the north-eastern areas of Australia, especially along the coast of Queensland and northern New South Wales.  If travelling to these areas, it is important to have tick protection for your pet, and to thoroughly check over your pet's skin underneath the fur each evening to look for any ticks that may have attached during the day.  You can also bring ticks back with you from these areas, so check any blankets and your clothing when you have travelled to ensure you don't bring back any unwelcome visitors.

Please contact us for advise on tick prevention if your pet is travelling to Paralysis Tick-affected areas of Australia.