Other Services

At Gawler Veterinary Services, we aim to get the best outcome for your pet.  Whether this will be achieved by the services we can offer in our clinic or by referral to a specialist centre, be assured that your pet's health is our primary concern.  Our veterinarians regularly undertake further study to keep their current skills up-to-date and to learn new skills they can then offer to you.  And with highly trained nurses assisting throughout, you can relax knowing that your pet will be give the best care available.

We can offer several services in our clinics for diagnosis and treatment of your pet's illness, including:

  • Radiology:  Our Gawler clinic is fully equiped for taking X-rays of your pet.  Radiographs are a very important tool in helping to diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving bones, the chest or the abdomen.
  • Ultrasonography:  We can also offer ultrasound of your pet, usually at our Gawler clinic (but this can be organised at our other clinics if this is required).  Ultrasound scans are gentle, non-invasive scans that can examine the abdomen, heart and some lung conditions.  Dr Michelle Starr has completed some further education in ultrasonnography, so if appropriate your pet's ultrasound will be scheduled with her.
  • Blood and Urine Testing:  Each of our clinics can perform basic blood and urine tests for your pets, including blood tests before an anaesthetic.  If more extensice tests are needed, your pet's sample will be sent away to an outside laboratory for testing.
  • Surgical Services:  Our veterinarians' high level of expertise and well-equipped surgical suites at each of our clinics allows us to offer a wide range of surgeries.  From desexing surgery, caesarians, and wound repairs through to lump removals, and intestinal surgery, we perform a wide range of surgeries when your pet requires surgery.
  • Orthopaedic Surgery:  Our veterinarians' high level of expertise and a well-equiped surgical suite at Gawler allows us to perform certain orthopaedic surgical procedures that your pet may require, including some cranial cruciate ligament repairs, simple fracture repairs, and amputations.

If your pet requires specialised tests or treatment that we cannot offer ourselves, your veterinarian will organise for you to be referred to a specialist veterinarian.  Australian registered veterinary specialists undergo a rigorous training and examination process to obtain their qualifications, and like human specialists are considered to be the epitome of knowledge in their field. Your veterinarian will continue to work closely alongside the specialists and together can offer optimum care for your pets, should they require this service.