Microchipping is the only permanent way to identify your pet, so is highly recommended for all pets, from dogs and cats to birds, snakes or pocket pets.  As of July 2018, it will be compulsory for all dogs and cats to be microchipped.

A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under your pet’s skin. It can be done during a normal consultation or when your pet is under anaesthetic for any surgery. The microchip is embedded with a code that is unique to your pet, which corresponds to your details on a national database. Microchip details can also assist where the ownership of an animal is in dispute.

If your pet is ever lost and is handed in at a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, a microchip scanner is passed over the animal to reveal the unique code, so you can be reunited.

Make sure you keep your details up to date on the microchip registry - unfortunately, we see many pets unable to be re-united with their owners because the contact details are no longer current.  If you need help updating your details, please come in to the clinic and we can help you with this.

If your pet is not microchipped please make an appointment today to have one inserted.

If you find a lost pet please arrange a scan at your veterinary clinic, so they can be reunited with their worried owners.